Mark Howson

Experienced product and operations leader in telecommunications and startups. Massive theatre geek.

User driven. Commercially savvy. Operationally sound.

With a significant background in Operations Management, I approach products with a commercially and operationally holistic approach, ensuring that the solutions I design meet not only the needs of the customer but also the needs of the wider business, too - reducing operational headaches and oversight to maximise productivity.

Complexity and scale don't scare me - I've designed billing products for deployment in multiple countries, with different tax and regulatory regimes. I've built training and development tools for thousands of agents. And I've delivered digital self-service solutions for millions of users. In fact, the bigger the challenge, the greater the opportunity to excel.

The combination of customer empathy, organisational discipline, technical expertise and sheer drive to transform the customer experience that Mark possesses is an incredibly powerful agent for change.

James Cheseldine

Whenever we experienced a widespread issue or outage Mark could always be counted to be proactive and lead the charge, working with us to keep customers informed and stakeholders managed.

Joshua May

I would not hesitate in recommending Mark as an individual who can grasp by the horns a customer care function, in house or outsourced, and transform the way you interact with your customers.

Siobhain Goodall